3rd. International Symposium on Eurasian Studies
“Pioneers of Science and Technology in the Eurasia”
17-19 July 2019 Istanbul-Turkey
“In Memory of Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin”

Register and Rules of the Papers

Abstracts should be prepared English or Turkish in the range of 150-250 words and abstracts should be sent till April 5, 2019. For application and registration, 'Registration Form' at www.eurasianstudies3.com must be completed and submitted along with the prepared abstracts. The accepted papers will be announced on 30 April, 2019 after the papers who you sent.

In the abstract that will be prepared in the form of Microsoft word file, the title of the paper (covering all the abstract languages), designation and names-surnames of the holder(s), the institutions where they work for and their e-mail addresses must be written.

Page size should be 16.5cm x 24 cm. Texts to be prepared in Turkish or English should be written in Times New Roman font with 11 font size. Footnotes must be 9 font size with the above rules. If the paper is in Turkish, English abstract should be added. If the paper is in English, Turkish abstract should be added. Also, the keywords should be written in Turkish and English in between 3-5 sentences. All the above manuscript rules is valid for full papers that will be published after the symposium as an e-book.

E-mail: famermerkezi@gmail.com – info@eurasianstudies3.com