3rd. International Symposium on Eurasian Studies
“Pioneers of Science and Technology in the Eurasia”
17-19 July 2019 Istanbul-Turkey
“In Memory of Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin”


The main topic of the symposium is about to works of the Pioneers of Science and Technology in the Eurasian region. The sub-topics of the symposium under these general heading can be listed as follows:

* Life stories of Science and Technology pioneers, especially in social, science and technology fields
* The Pioneers of the Turkology and Oriental Studies in the Eurasian Region and new researches
* Science and Technology pioneers according to their purposes and strategies
* Effects of famous scientist and technologist on science world
* Relations between science and technology pioneers and politicians
* Science and Technology activities in the Middle East and Central Asia and the Balkans
* Suggestions for misuse-oriented of Science and Technology

The above headings are intended to give a general framework. Participants may identify subject headings provided that they are bound to this general framework. The symposium aims to present not only the revival of known topics but the discussions of scholars and experts, hence paper presents of view as a critical and original way with a new perspective.